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2005 Graduate Student Symposium Program and Abstract Booklet

The 2005 EAS Graduate Student Symposium program (pdf; 79kB) and abstract booklet (pdf; 1639 kB) are available for download.

2005 Graduate Student Symposium Schedule

Coffee Available in Atrium

Posters should be installed by 9:00AM on the first floor of ES&T

9:05AM Jean-Francois Koprivnjak Welcome and Introduction
9:15AM Carlos Hoyos Evaluation of extended intraseasonal forecasting using slow manifold modeling
9:30AM Abhijit Ghosh Geoelectric and geochemical studies for hydrological characterization of the southern part of Sagar Island, India
9:45AM Yunsoo Choi Modeling analysis of springtime transition of NO2, CO and O3 on the basis of satellite measurements
10:00AM Benton Whitesides Interannual climate variability in the zonal mean circulation
10:15AM Changsub Shim Exploring source characteristics of oxygenated volatile organic compounds and hydrogen cyanide


10:45AM Farhan Akhtar Air pollution takes a holiday: the July 4th effect
11:00AM Jennifer Newton Evidence for manganese-catalyzed nitrogen cycling in saltmarsh sediments
11:15AM Paula Agudelo Transition between suppressed and active phases of intraseasonal oscillations in the Indo-Pacific Warm Pool
11:30AM Tao Zeng Halogen-driven near surface O3 and hydrocarbon losses in spring at northern high latitudes
11:45AM Yanping He A simple low stratiform cloud cover scheme for large scale models


1:00PM Amy Sullivan A method to isolate and characterize fine particle water-soluble organic carbon using solid phase extraction and size-exclusion chromatography
1:15PM Willis Shem Uncertainties concerning regional climate change impact assessment (case study - SE US)
1:30PM Kayla Lewis GTHSW - A numerical code for modeling NaCl-H2O hydrothermal systems with applications to mid-ocean ridges
1:45PM Deidre Meiggs Microbial mat analysis as a gateway to understanding sulfide oxidation
2:00PM Dennis Robinson Baroclinic development in observations and general circulation models


2:30PM Jud Partin Stalagmite reconstructions of ENSO and tropical Pacific climate from Borneo
2:45PM Oleksandr Karabanov A simple method for quantification of topography variation
3:00PM Jason Furtado On the balanced response of the troposphere to variability in the extratropical stratosphere
3:15PM Qing Yang Aura tropospheric ozone columns derived using the TOR approach and mapping techniques
3:30PM Rick Peltier A new method for online organic carbon aerosol measurement: a sneak peak on the transformation of PILS-TOC to PILS-OC
3:45PM Stephanie Chow Biogeochemical cycling of arsenic at the sediment water interface of the Chattahoochee River
4:00PM Dr. Judith Curry Closing remarks; Recognition of Award winners
4:15PM Keynote Speaker: Dr. Kate Freeman Isotopic signatures on photosynthesis and paleo-CO2 reconstructions
5:15PM All Participants Dinner reception in lower atrium, ES&T Building