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2006 Graduate Student Symposium Program and Abstract Booklet

The 2006 EAS Graduate Student Symposium program (pdf) and abstract booklet (pdf) are available for download.

2006 Graduate Student Symposium Schedule
8:45AM Coffee Available in Atrium
Posters should be installed by 9:00AM on the first floor of ES&T
9:00AM Melanie J. Beazley Welcome and Introduction
9:15AM Richard E. Peltier No evidence for acid-catalyzed SOA formation in power-plant plumes over metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia [abstract] [ppt]
9:30AM Paola Arias Diagnostic of the intro-annual variability of Colombian hydroclimatology [abstract] [ppt]
9:45AM Mengni Zhang The interaction of dissimilatory iron reduction bacteria (DIRB) with iron oxyhydroxides surfaces [abstract]
10:00AM Jud Partin Stalagmite reconstruction of Western Tropical Pacific climate from the LGM to present [abstract]


10:30AM Venus Dookwah Spectroscopy and kinetics of the weakly bound Br-DMS adduct [abstract] [ppt]
10:45AM Yunsoo Choi Modeling analysis of springtime transition of NO2, CO and O3 over North America on the basis of in situ and satellite measurements [abstract] [pdf]
11:00AM Asuka Suzuki Evaluation of various datasets for tropical storm climatology studies [abstract] [ppt]
11:15AM Intan Suci Nurhati Late 20th century freshening in the Central Tropical Pacific inferred from modern coral records [abstract] [ppt]


1:00PM Morris E. Jones Voltammetric technique for the rapid screening of microbial iron reduction by Shewanella oneidensis strain MR-1 [abstract] [ppt]
1:15PM Abhijit Ghosh Distribution of b-value in Middle America Trench, near Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica [abstract] [ppt]
1:30PM Gill-Ran Jeong The effect of size-resolved mineralogical composition on the heterogeneous chemistry on dust particle surfaces [abstract] [ppt]
1:45PM Donifan Barahona Parameterization of cloud droplet formation in large scale models: including effects of entrainment [abstract]


2:15PM Melanie J Beazley Uranium bioremediation at a contaminated waste site [abstract]
2:30PM Matthew Widlansky Variability of the South Pacific Convergence Zone on intraseasonal and interannual timescales [abstract] [ppt]
2:45PM Wei-Chun Hsieh Parameterization of cloud droplet formation and autoconversion in large-scale models [abstract] [ppt]
3:00PM Saewung Kim Measurement of HCl in the troposphere and lower stratosphere during INTEX-B [abstract] [ppt]


Jordon Beckler Intermediate soluble iron (III) complexes regulate microbial iron oxide reduction rates [abstract]
Yunsoo Choi Regional Air Quality forecAST (RAQAST) system:operational forecast and evaluations with satellite measurements [abstract]
Kátia Fernandes Estimating net long-wave at surface in the Amazon from reanalysis and observation [abstract]
Jean-François Koprivnjak Isolation and Characterization of Aquatic Natural Organic Matter [abstract]
Yan Zhang Influence of Smoke Aerosols on wet Season Onset Over Amazon [abstract]
Manuel D. Zuluaga Classification, Annual and Diurnal Cycles of Mesoscale Convective Systems over Colombia [abstract]
4:00PM Dr. Judith Curry Closing remarks; Recognition of Award winners
4:15PM Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Richard Keil
Distinguishing between natural and anthropogenic changes in a marine ecosystem: a 200-yr record of toxic algal blooms, deforestation, landslides and fish populations in the fjords of British Columbia
5:15PM All Participants Dinner reception in lower atrium, ES&T Building