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About the EAS Graduate Student Sysmposium

The EAS Graduate Student Symposium is brought to you each year by volunteer graduate students in the School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences. With support from the EAS Chair, the Student Government Association, Paul Houston from the College of Sciences, and other sponsors, we provide an opportunity for all EAS graduate students to present her/his research in a formal and professional manner.

The symposium consists of about twenty 15-minute oral presentations and approximately a dozen poster presentations. Both oral and poster presentations are evaluated based on scientific merit, presenter ability, and other factors.

All oral presentations will be held in the Ford Environmental Science and Technology Building at Georgia Tech, Room L1205. Poster Presentations will be held in the Atrium of the same building.

For help in preparing your presentation, please refer to Things to Know. For help in understanding presentation evaluations, please refer to Judging.

The 2007 symposium will conclude with a talk by Alan Betts.

2007 Organizing Committee
Michelle Oakes Coordinator
Kevin Chao General
Julia Diaz General
Kátia Fernandes General
Angela Fritz General
Jason Furtado Abstract Booklet
Arsineh Hecobian General
Dana Ionita Sponsors
Bryan Karpowicz Website
Peter Leech General
Charles Smeltzer General
Hong Wu General
Xiaolu Zhang General