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2007 Graduate Student Symposium Program and Abstract Booklet

The program for the 2007 EAS Graduate Student Symposium is available for download as a pdf

2007 Graduate Student Symposium Schedule
8:45AM Coffee Available in Atrium
Posters should be installed by 9:00AM on the first floor of ES&T
9:00AM Michelle Oakes Welcome and Introduction [ppt]
9:15AM Intan Suci Nurhati Coral Records of 20th Century Warming and Freshening in the Central Tropical Pacific [ppt][abstract]
9:30AM Chun Zhao Modeling the impacts of convective transport and lightning NOx production over North America: Dependence on cumulus parameterizations [ppt][abstract]
9:45AM Kevin Chao Temporal Changes of Shear Wave Velocity and Anisotropy in the Shallow Crust Induced by the 10/22/1999 M6.4, and M6.0, Chia-Yi, Taiwan Earthquake [ppt][abstract]
10:00AM Richard Moore The Impact of Surface Ocean Organics on Surface Tension, CCN Activity and Droplet Growth Kinetics of Marine Aerosol [ppt][abstract]


10:30AM Bryan Karpowicz In Search of Water Vapor on Jupiter: Simulated Microwave Radiometer Sensitivity to Water Vapor Abundance and a New High Pressure System for Laboratory Measurements under Jovian Conditions [abstract]
10:45AM Jaime Andres Convers The Global Seismic Energy to Moment Ratio: A Tool for Basic Research and Real-Time Identification of ``Tsunami Earthquakes" [ppt][abstract]
11:00AM Wei-chun Hsieh Towards Parameterization of Cloud Drop Size Distribution For Large-Scale Models [ppt][abstract]
11:15AM Kathleen Craft Boundary layer models of Martian hydrothermal systems[ppt][abstract]


1:00PM Manuel Zuluaga Spatio-temporal Distribution of Latent Heating in the Southeast Asian Monsoon Region [ppt][abstract]
1:15PM Chunquan Wu Rapid Temporal Changes of Fault Zone Site Response Associated With Strong Ground Motion [ppt][abstract]
1:30PM Deidre Meiggs Examining the Effects of Seasonal and Salinity Variations on Satilla River Sediments (Georgia, U.S.A.) Using In Situ Voltammetric Depth Profile Measurements [ppt][abstract]
1:45PM Chris Hennigan Comparing the Volatility of Newly Formed Organic Aerosol to Secondary Nitrate in Mexico City [ppt][abstract]


2:15PM Hui Lin Study of the bio-reduction of Mn oxides by Shewanella putrefaciens[abstract]
2:30PM Peng Zhao Variations of velocity contrast along the rupture zone of the 2004 M6 Parkfield earthquake on the San Andreas Fault [ppt][abstract]
2:45PM Jason Furtado Reconstructing Tropical Sea Surface Temperatures Using Precipitation Proxy Records: Methods and Uncertainties [ppt][abstract]


Erica Alston Using Remotely Sensed Data to Characterize the Okefenokee Swamp Wildfires Effects upon Air Quality in Atlanta, GA [abstract]
Hyung-Jin Choi Using CALIPSO Space Lidar Data in Conjunction with Passive Remote Sensing for Characterization of Spatiotemporal Distribution of Asian Dust Outbreaks [abstract]
Julia Diaz Marine Polyphosphate: A Key Player in Geologic Phosphorus Sequestration[abstract]
Grant Farmer Characterization of Santorini Caldera and the Socoro Magma Body [abstract]
Lujia Feng Geodetic and Modeling Constraints From Ongoing Uplift at Long Valley Caldera: Continued Episodic Dome Growth Observed in 2002-2003 [abstract]
Wei Liao 1-D Air-snowpack Modeling of Atmospheric Nitrous Acid (HONO) during ANTCI 2003 [abstract]
Lei Liu Hydrothermal Heat Output from a Convecting, Crystallizing, Replenished Sub-Axial Magma Chamber [abstract]
Michelle Oakes Development of an Online System to Measure Water-Soluble Trace Metals in Aerosols [abstract]
Drex Waggoner Relating Remote Sensing Data Products to Soil Texture and Dust Emission Modeling [abstract]
Bo Yan Temporal and Spatial Variations of Primary Organic Carbon Sources and SOA Impacts [abstract]
Qing Yang The study of tropospheric ozone column enhancements over North America using a regional model and satellite data [abstract]
4:00PM Dr. Judith Curry Closing remarks; Recognition of Award winners
4:15PM Keynote Speaker: Dr. Alan Betts
Global Climate Change: The Choices We Face
5:15PM All Participants Dinner reception in lower atrium, ES&T Building