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2008 Graduate Student Symposium Program and Abstract Booklet

The program for the 2008 EAS Graduate Student Symposium is available for download (.pdf)

2008 Graduate Student Symposium Schedule
8:45AM Breakfast Served in Lower Atrium
Posters should be installed by 9:00AM on the first floor of ES&T
9:15AM Kate Salome, and Alvin Hough Welcome and Introduction
9:30AM Chun Zhao Assimilated inversion of NOx emissions over East Asia using OMI NO2 column measurements [ppt][abstract]
9:45AM Jason C. Furtado Decadal Climate Variability of the North Pacific: Past and Future [pdf][abstract]
10:00AM Richard H. Moore Scanning Flow CCN Analysis for Fast Measurements of CCN Spectra [abstract]
10:15AM Chunquan Wu Systematic analysis of temporal changes in site response associated with strong ground motion in Japan [ppt][abstract]

COFFEE BREAK (Coffee Served in Lower Atrium)

10:45AM Patrick L. Laine Kinetic and Mechanistic Study of the Reactions of Atomic Chlorine with C2H5Br, n-C3 H7Br, and 1,2-C2 H4 Br2 [ppt][abstract]
11:00AM J. P. Landrum Inputs of New Nitrogen to the Planktonic Food Web Along a Zonal Transect in the North Atlantic Ocean [ppt][abstract]
11:15AM Dana Ionita Schumann Resonance - From Earth to Titan [ppt][abstract]
11:30AM Xin Xi Investigation of the radiative impact of mineral dust aerosol on surface energy balance and photosynthetically active radiation: implications to land-vegetation-atmosphere interactions [ppt][abstract]

LUNCH BREAK (Lunch Served in Lower Atrium)

1:00PM Matthew Widlansky A general theory for the spatial and transient behavior of the South Pacific Convergence Zone [ppt][abstract]
1:15PM Lujia Feng Strong Rupture and Postseismic Response of the 8 June, 2008 Dextral Strike-Slip Earthquake in Western Peloponnese, Greece [ppt][abstract]
1:30PM Hong Wu A flume incubation experiment to investigate the role of hydrological forcing in promoting iron reduction in coastal sediments [abstract]
1:45PM Hyung-Jin Choi Numerical simulations of optical properties of nonspherical dust aerosols using the T-matrix method [ppt][abstract]

COFFEE BREAK (Coffee Served in Lower Atrium)

2:15PM Farhan Akhtar Growing Sustainably: An Inverse Method Approach to Designer Future Air Quality [abstract]
2:30PM Wei-Chun Hsieh Sensitivity of Aerosol Indirect Effects to Representation of Autoconversion [ppt][abstract]
2:45PM Lina I. Ceballos North Pacific Gyre Oscillation synchronizes climate fluctuations in the eastern and western boundary systems [pdf][abstract]
3:00PM Prashant Kumar New Parameterization of Cloud Droplet Formation for Global and Regional Models: Adsorption Activation of Hydrophilic Insoluble Dust Particles [abstract]


Farhan Akhtar An inverse approach to allocating emission allowances in a post-CAIR rule [abstract]
Shannon Capps Assessing Near-field and Downwind Impacts of Reactivity-based Substitutions [abstract]
Kevin Chao Remote triggering of tremor beneath the Central Range in Taiwan [abstract]
Ming-Chu Chen Tectonic, climatic, and anthropogenic influnces on ultra-high rate of bedrock incision in the Ta-An River Gorge, western Taiwan [abstract]
Vincent E. Combes Interannual and Decadal Variations in Cross-Shore Mixing in the Gulf of Alaska [abstract]
Lulia Grosse Effects of the Mekong River on abundance and nitrogen fixation rates of cyanobacteria in the South China Sea [abstract]
Jeffrey S. Hoeft Geomorphic mapping of the southern Maa- cama fault based on LiDAR data[abstract]
Bryan M. Karpowicz Measurements of the Centimeter-Wave Prop erties of Gases under Simulated Conditions for Deep Jovian Atmospheres [abstract]
Jake Leech Towards the reconstruction of the thermocline ridge in the Western Tropical Pacific: Implication for LGM tropical atmospheric circulation [abstract]
Zheng Lu Impact of model physics on estimating aerosol-related changes in cloud and precipitation in the Arctic [abstract]
Deidre Meiggs The impact of drought on the cycling of carbon in coastal marine sediments of the southeast United States [abstract]
Zhijun Zhao Kinetic and Thermochemical Studies of Weakly-Bound HO2 Complexes with Carboxylic acids [abstract]
4:15PM Dr.Judith Curry Presentation of Awards and Closing Remarks
4:30PM Keynote SpeakerDr.Greg Holland
5:30PM Dinner Dinner Reception in Lower Atrium.